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Malay Wedding Packages

When it comes to having a Malay wedding, several factors come into play. Being your big day, the hassle of putting everything together may prove to be a challenge. In the article, we will help with information that will make your big day more comfortable to plan and end up being memorable for you and your loved ones. The Malay wedding package & services combine all the requirements such as wedding catering halal for the entire wedding including the Malay wedding venue.

There are numerous useful Malay wedding planners in Singapore. Planning your wedding is a huge task to pull off. With Malay wedding planner Singapore, you can sit back as someone else works on your big day. There are thousands, if not tens of thousands, Malay wedding packages provided by numerous planners.

They provide Malay wedding services such as venues, deco, photography, as well as catering.

I. Malay wedding cost

To choose a Malay wedding package, you should consider several factors. First and the most critical is your budget. Some couples will go for their dream wedding package without giving thought to their finances, and this always turns out to be disastrous. The cost is the most critical factor in planning for a Malay wedding. Always go for a Malay wedding package that will not strain you financially.

II. Malay wedding venue

As a couple, you should identify your wedding venue after considering the cost factor. It may, however, be overwhelming, given the magnitude of your big day. Here are a few Malay wedding venue suggestions in Singapore to help you decide;

  • Community clubs
  • Hotels
  • Unique spots
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Parks
  • Mosques
  • Sports and country club etc.

Always go for the one that is as close as possible to your dream malay wedding venue.

III. Photography

Your wedding will be a once in a lifetime celebration, and the importance of capturing the moments cannot be overemphasized. Photography, therefore, forms a crucial part of the Malay wedding package. You may need to capture the mood of your big day alone or choose to have a pre-wedding and post-wedding photo shoot. Most of the Malay wedding packages Singapore come with photography options.

It is also essential to meet your photographer to be before you settle on him/her as this will help in putting things in order before your wedding day. You may also decide to go for say two photographers. It may be a great idea as the precious moments will be captured from two different views, which make it more unique. This is, however, if your budget allows.

IV. Malay Wedding catering

When it comes to searching for Malay wedding catering providers, it is crucial to find out what the caterer offers and whether they have a central kitchen. This will determine whether your food is safe, or you will go through another hassle of seeking approvals from the National Environment Agency (NEA). Most caterers invite you for a food tasting session for some months to your big day. You should also find out if the provider is a wedding catering halal or not halal.

V. Registration with ROMM

You need to register your marriage with Singaporean authority. Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM) gives individual licenses to married-to-be couples. This is, of course, after you have gone through all the authentic Malay culture in Singapore.