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Bridging Happiness Since 1995

Lagun Sari is one of Singapore’s leading Malay/Muslim wedding service providers. With more than two decades of experience in the Malay wedding services industry, we are here to help you transform your dream wedding into reality. Lagun Sari strongly believes in providing value for money services to our clients. All of our wedding packages are comprehensive and under one roof – Lagun Sari provides you with the best Malay wedding venue, buffet spread for your event and dedicated wedding planning services from our experienced wedding planners. If you require additional Singapore Malay wedding services such as Mak Andam, halal catering services, wedding photography and Karaoke with DJ services, rest assured that we work with only the most reliable and reputable vendor partners to guarantee your stress-free wedding.



We have five of the most stunning and beautifully decorated function rooms among the Malay wedding venues in Singapore. Moreover, our function rooms are wholly owned by Lagun Sari – this means your wedding venue is 100% secured. This remains our strongest competitive edge over other Malay wedding venues, which are mostly on leasing terms.

Weddings usually bring out the level of organisational skills a couple has, as it involves them arranging and working on numerous things in a limited time while still fully employed most of the time. For you, as a couple, choosing a wedding venue is critical in Malay wedding services. The choice will define almost everything else during the wedding. Some couples fall into the temptation of choosing their dream wedding venue without paying attention to their financial ability, and this has always not ended well for them. As it may, your dream Malay wedding venue may not be the right venue for your wedding.

There are several reasons why your choice of a wedding venue matters a lot. Below are just some of the reasons you should carefully choose your wedding venue;

  • To stay within your budget. The importance of finances cannot be overemphasised; you wouldn’t want your big day to be the one you regret for a lifetime due to poor financial choices.
  • Capture priceless moments
  • Ensures seamless flow of the wedding
  • Catering the best meals for the guests
  • Enjoying the beautiful view and ambiance

Choosing the right venue is not however, as straightforward as such. It can be challenging picking one from the very many locations in Singapore. Singapore has been blessed with numerous beautiful places that can provide an excellent fit for a Malay wedding venue. Several Malay wedding packages offer some great Malay wedding venues. To help shed some light on finding the right Malay wedding venue, here are some of the available types of places to choose from;

  • Community clubs
  • Hotels
  • Unique spots
  • Mosques
  • Parks
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Sports and country club and so on.


Case of Lagun Sari as a Malay wedding venue

In this article, we will sample Lagun Sari as a representative of the whole industry on Malay wedding venues in Singapore. Lagun Sari is one of Singapore’s leading Malay wedding venue service providers, and this is the main reason we have picked it. It has been in existence for a long time, in fact, since the year 1995. This means over twenty years of experience in the Malay wedding services industry, which is not a simple thing. They have been in the industry for such a long time, meaning that they can handle all your wedding needs to your satisfaction.

They provide value for money services for their clients, and their wedding packages are comprehensive and are under one roof. You can call them a one-stop-shop all your wedding needs like wedding venue, buffet spread, and overall wedding planning services, which saves you all the hassle of looking for individual wedding services providers. In cases where you may also need extra Singaporean Malay wedding services, they engage the best players in the industry for such services which may vary depending on your needs.

On the Malay wedding venue, Lagun Sari has 3 amazing and well-furnished spaces meant for meetings and functions which stand out from other Singaporean wedding package providers in the market today. More so, to book an appointment, you do so online, which makes the process simple.



Wedding Buffet Spread

All of our Malay wedding package showcases the finest culinary delicacies fit for your glamorous wedding. We never ever compromise the quality of our food and our resolve has garnered compliments from many of our guests. In addition, we provide a comprehensive list of action stations to impress your guests and add a special touch to your wedding. Speak to us should you have any novelty ideas for your own wedding!