Welcome to Lagun Sari!

Welcome to Lagun Sari!

The home of Singapore’s leading Malay wedding planners where moments of nuptial bliss and tradition are immortalised.

Let us set the stage – from the venue, décor and overall atmosphere — to make the promise of your love in front of guests, an exceedingly joyous occasion.

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Professional Malay Wedding Planners in Singapore

The Beauty of a Malay Wedding

Malay weddings are known for being festive and showcasing the very best of a celebrated culture. With guests abounding, a grand feast and the celebrated affair are usually held over several days. The solemnity of it all becomes the point of focus during the akad nikah (solemnisation ceremony) while the highlight of the whole ceremony is the bersanding (sitting-in-state ceremony), which is followed by a feast for the family and friends.

Due to its intricacy and often grandiose requirements, most couples hire top planners specializing in Malay weddings in Singapore. Not only will the expertise of a wedding planner keeps the event organized and perfect, these professionals also help the couple keep costs down, all while ensuring guests are satisfied and that a wedding goes off without a hitch.

The beauty of a Malay wedding is in its celebration of culture. The special occasion is one that brings family and friends together to share in the joy and happiness of the couple set to marry. It is a big celebration and everybody plays a role in celebrating the love shared by the couple. With the help of a planner focused on Malay weddings couples in Singapore are given every assurance that their dream wedding becomes a reality. Celebrate tradition and organize a memorable event that you and your spouse will cherish for the rest of your lives.

The goal is to ensure everything is beautiful and goes off without trouble, however, wedding planning does not happen overnight. For the wedding event to run smoothly, intense planning and preparation are especially crucial. Avoid going through unnecessary distress or trauma in this once-in-a-lifetime day by hiring a top planner of Malay weddings in Singapore. Rest assured that all will be in good hands.

The Lagun Sari Promise

With two decades of experience, we are here transform your wedding dreams into reality. You can trust that our tactical approach and expertise creating the perfect moments for you and your spouse will have you embracing an aura of royalty on your special day.

We have three of the most stunning and exquisite function rooms among the Malay wedding venues in Singapore. Moreover, our function rooms are wholly-owned and that means your wedding is 100% secured. This remain our strongest competitive edge over other venues for Malay Weddings, which are mostly on leasing terms.

Unlike others wedding companies, we are particularly stringent with our services provided, hence we only chose to work with reliable and reputable vendors. By providing all the services you may require under one roof, you can be guaranteed of a stress-free wedding.

We own a beautiful venue unlike any other. With a deep understanding of this market, we keep prices competitive without compromising the quality of our food, or undermining our services and venue. We have a list of action stations, such as waffle station, roti jala station, and others that will not only impress your guests, but also add a special touch to your wedding.

Speak to our talented and dedicated team who can help you envision your dream wedding. From bespoke decorations and designs to an impressive array of personalized service for your wedding journey, Lagun Sari can do all that & more.

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